About us

Company Introduction

      Tiger Alwin Co. Ltd. ,Located in Song Than 2 Industrial Zone, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, is a professional aluminum extrusion plant that manufactures a variety of aluminum extrusions, aluminum extruded tubes, aluminum and other aluminum products.

      Tiger Alwin aluminum extrusion plant has a professional production team, engaged in professional aluminum extrusion since 2002. Since its establishment,Tiger Alwin has insisted on the service concept of "excellence, customer-oriented". The aluminum products with high quality and reasonable price have been trusted by customers and having long-term cooperation to create market opportunities. We can also manufacture customized aluminum extrusion products according to requirements.


"Integrity, professionalism, innovation and service"

      It has always been Tiger Alwin's business philosophy. Tiger Alwin continues to upgrade the highest quality to customers, and also offers a wider range of products to meet market demand.


Date of establishment:                         October 2001
Total factory area:                                30,000 square meters
Number of employees:                         210
Capacity:                                              1200 tons / month

The main production equipment

      Extrusion machines:  2,200 tons, 1,100 tons, 690 tons, 580 tons and  the factory contains automatic powder baking factory, anode surface treatment plant and reflective furnace equipment.

Main processing equipment

      Automatic saw table, manual saw table, miter saw table, drilling machine, abrasive cloth belt grinder, grinder, aging furnace, etc.

Main inspection equipment

      Weathering  laboratory, micro-computer non-magnetic film thickness measuring instrument, height gauge and inspection platform, color difference meter,  hardness tester, inner diameter gauge, concentricity inspection tool, universal testing machine, Germany SPECTRO SPECTROMAXx metal spectrometer, etc. 

Main products

Constructive Profiles

      Tiger Alwin is expected itself to meet the demand of door and window functions. We are constantly innovating products and partners to develop various types of building materials.

  Airtight door and window
  Ventilation door
  Mask, etc.

Industrial Profiles

      Suitable for forging, turning, precision drawing, stamping, bending, etc., different processing methods and various special requirements of aluminum alloy profiles, also the bicycle/motorcycle rim etc.