Production Equipment

TIGER ALWIN has the highest specification of extrusion equipment, processing equipment, testing equipment and imported aluminum ingots from Australia, Malaysia by global distributor, GLENCORE and SUMITOMO.

Horizontal single action aluminum extrusion machine

2200 ton, 1100 ton, 690 ton and  580 ton, total 8 sets,

Aging furnace and quenching furnace

Ancillary Equipment

Hydraulic saw table, horizontal sliding table, straightening equipment, water cooler, etc.

Inspection/Testing Equipment


Rockwell hardness machine

Universal testing machine

Powder Coating Factory and Equipment

Powder Coating Process


Horizontal powder friction electrostatic coating equipment


Automatic friction electrostatic spraying equipment

Gas heating wood grain transfer machine


High Weathering Endurance coating

Inspection tools

Weathering Testing Room

Anodizing Factory and Equipment

Anodizing Process

Reflection Furnace Factory

Anodizing Process


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